Thought Row

Thought Row Vinyl Records | oil on canvas | Rod Jones artist

Thought Row: What’s in a thought? How many thoughts are in a row? Give it a thought. Creativity starts with a thought. The hardest thought is the first thought; give that some thought.

The Thought Row Podcast is a sincere effort to encourage actionable creative thoughts,  encouraging a form of thinking that is motivational. Behind it all, weekly listeners have the opportunity to listen to the show guests that are living and pursuing a life filled with creative thinking. Making it possible to learn from their life’s experiences.

We all face challenges and especially when it comes to thinking creatively. Thinking creatively is most human. Creative thinking ensures survival.

Why is creativity so important? Nearly every decision we make utilizes some form of creativity. Solving problems no matter how small or how big requires creative thinking.

Having your thoughts in a row is more constructive than having scattered thoughts coming in and through your mind randomly.

Thought Row thinking is an organizational thinking skill that is beneficial to almost everyone especially people that profess to be original thinkers.

When you listen to the interviews on the Thought Row Podcast, you become more aware of how others live their lives and achieve their goals. All their thoughts and ideas trigger your thinking to move in a more positive and productive direction.

Listen, learn and achieve the motivation you need to fulfill your goals, dreams and ambitions.

“The storage space in your mind has no known limit, it stores the good along with the bad and a whole lot of junk. If we could only purge and free up space, we would all be a lot happier.


Rod Jones artist-writer