Women in Art

Women in Art A Deliverable Dream | Oil on Canvas | Rod Jones Artist

Women In Art: The art of creativity means? It may depend upon if you wear lipstick or not. I was at a shooting range once and there were both men and women shooting handguns. There was one very noticeable difference in the success of their marksmanship. The women had finesse. In case you’re not familiar with that word, here’s what it means. “Refinement or delicacy of workmanship structure or texture.” Another interpretation or definition is, “skillful handling of a situation: adroit maneuvering.”

A skilled creator invariably has a refined ability to finesse a work of art. Yes there are plenty of very creative men when it comes to creativity. But if I were to say who invented the word finesse when it comes to creating art, I would yield that to women in art.

It takes practice and patience to be creative especially when the intended goal is some form of art. When it comes to patients, women more often than not have the edge. After all they have to be patient with us men, and they are definitely patient when it comes to handling children. Think about the teachers you’ve had that were women.

Accomplished or its close cousin, accomplishment is often used when describing a very talented person. Who is the best? Most likely the person who practices the most and shows a great deal of patience and self understanding when things don’t always turn out as planned.

Why I like women in art. It appears to me that they create more from their heart and are less dependent upon a centralized ego. Of course they need adulation, who doesn’t when it comes to bearing your soul in any and all creative endeavors.

Why do I like men and art? Well first off, I am a creative man, and I happen to like myself. I also think most have the innate ability to disassociate themselves during the creative process. Try and analyze that statement.

Back to women and art: you know who you are, and you have the ability to muster up confidence in yourself, although sometimes you play the comparison game too much. My advice, for what it’s worth, be authentic and genuine in all of your creative endeavors. You, like all people that pursue creativity in any form will receive criticism. That goes for both men and women. Trust your intuitions, and that is one thing women in art may have the creative edge.

“I try to accomplish the impossibilities of accomplishment, elusive as it is. If it were easy to create I would choose another path.”


Rod Jones artist writer