Under The Looking Glass of Time

Under The Looking Glass of Time


A menagerie of oddments composed in an aggregation. Easy to see, easy on the eyes. Difficult to adjust into a formidable way of thinking. Dauntingly compelling if you let your visual mind wander in an immersive way. In nother words, there’s a lot of artistic BS lingo that manages to deprive the viewer of any real meaningful interpretive direction. 

You may see this work of art as a giraffe held under the Looking Glass of time. You can discover a whole bunch of symbolism in the colors and shapes. Your thoughts will only be gated by your imagination. I invite you to let it run wild, your unabridged imagination that is. You’ll soon discover it’s a plenary of elements that complete the story that is deeply hidden within.

You can easily muddle your way through this work of art, it’s composed in a very unrestricted way. No need to be bashful, like everything there is to dislike and dislike everything there is to like.

Clues. Yellow can represent the savannah. Blue can represent the sky. Red, the giraffe tongue. Red dots in rectangles the giraffe’s body. There’s a whole bunch more symbolism, but then again, it doesn’t really denote a giraffe in the first place, does it?

“I paint with words. And sometimes I use words to make the painting meaningful.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer