Liquid Reverie

Liquid Reverie

Within this painting is a meditative mirage. Most of my paintings bear this quality. Gaze your way through the melodically shaded tonal blues and greens. You can honestly let your conscious and subconscious mind engage with a treatability that you may never have thought was possible. 

The painting you see before you is an invitation to meditate on and give yourself a respite from the cares of the world.

Once you make this discovery, you may discover that you would love to have a print of this bucolic oil painting to cast your eyes on at different times of the day, and at your leisure. It has an energy that will never yield itself to be conveyed on a digital screen.

If you would like a print, reach out to me and let me know. The prints are very reasonably priced, especially considering they are museum quality, and archival. This truly original work of art will give you years of meditative enjoyment.

Anxious to share with you the inner peace and joy it has brought to myself and my family.