In Art it’s Never What Your Visual Mind Tells You

In Art it’s Never What Your Visual Mind Tells You

There are hundreds of story captions hidden in each and every one of those dripping balloons in the painting shown here.

Who is the arbiter? Is it the soothsayer that tells us all what we are seeing?

When it comes to interpreting abstract art, everyone prides themselves on being the diviner. Quick to share their thoughts to anyone within earshot.

No thought in our mind’s eye is vacant of visual prophesying. Images, deconstruct and reconstruct.

Abstraction is a conception of every impression our minds can conjure up, leaving reality far behind.

And this oil painting of mine was a cogitation. More simply put, when conscious and subconscious thinking melted together. It was meant to achieve that goal; I believe its done so. The work has the ability to toy with the viewer’s imagination. Living up to the intended expectation that everyone who stares in and at, a genuine work of art long enough creates the story. It will be ever-changing, reflected by this truth. “In Art it’s Never What Your Visual Mind Tells You.”

“An art collector is one who sees beyond his imagination and is not afraid to make the purchase.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer