Naming the Paintings

Receptive Abstract Patternism is a new type of art distinguished by the artist receiving conscious and sub-conscious signals and stimuli to create an image independent of common form, held together by the continuity and comfort of a pattern.

Like snowflakes no two are alike, but yet, each one is in common with the other. Structured yet fluid.Each is fragile but contemporarily strong. You remove one square or one element and they simply fall apart. They are immensely influenced by their surroundings and the light that falls on them. In one moment they can be soothing and meditative and the next deconstructed, energetic and modern.

“You have to live with one of my paintings and share your emotions with it…and it will breathe it’s own life into yours.”

“I start out each work with no preconceived notion as to what ultimately will be revealed on the canvas. Yes…I do think about color and yes I do think about composition. But once the process begins, change is in the studio air. Each painting takes on its own personality and the collectors of my completed works respond with their own interpretations. I used to like to title my work with numbers and letters. But that seemed entirely too impersonal. The work once completed now begs for a title, at least in my mind’s eye and it’s terribly fun to name a painting. It’s part of the creative process ask any artist.

“I was once asked if my work has meaning beyond the conscious mind, all I can say is the very nature of non-interpretive art invites interpretation. The depth in which one explores is subject to one’s historical reference point. We are all products of our life experiences and our willingness to immerse and participate.”