Facts and feelings wittingly impressed upon your mind while viewing this work of art. Give it a try. Once you go past the initial mesmerizing, the magic will begin for you. Through your inner and outer vision transmitted with the eyes you may be drawn into the fable colors, driven by an inspiration to go beyond your innocent and modest minds reality.

What does this all mean? If you take the time to visually explore this painting, you will experience something magical in your thoughts and ideas. If you are a writer, you will discover a unique form of inspiration, why? Because you will be forced to create a dialogue within yourself as to what you see and feel. It may be fun. No, make that, ‘imaginative fun.’

Please tell me what you see and what happens to you when you visually explore the shapes and the colors. There’s more to see that you might first perceive.

“A spellbinding grip surfaced deep within, leaving me in an artfully alluring hypnotic trance.

As only an abstract painting can do.” 


Rod Jones Artist-Writer