Universe of Discourse

Universe of Discourse


A meditative look back in time. Is it the threshold of thought? No: it’s a painting delivered fresh from the imagination. Is it random in color and composition? No: it’s a high-minded desire to bring the viewer into an exploration of their own mesmerizing rapture.


Does color and composition always trigger thoughts? No: but it does energize and stimulate our visual senses.


How do you judge a work of art? Meaning, or meaningless. There’s a generous amount of error on both sides. You see with your eyes but you only visualize from your mind’s repository of every interpretive, and non-interpretive image you have stored.


You may not be fooled by the perpetual myths of what constitutes a great work of art. What resonates, never resonates with all. You’re the master, when it comes to processing what you see, hear, and feel. Try to be responsible and look beyond your preconceived notions.


“There’s much to discover when you open

the eyes of your mind.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer