Creators create as an expression of their thoughts and ideas. You would think it would be more about their personalities or their individual traits; but that’s rarely at the forefront of any work of art. 

Who Creates and Why? Well, I generally know more about myself than others when it comes to creativity. Is it a burning passion inside; sometimes it is, but rarely. The muse does show up on occasion, and I consider that a fortunate and lucky entity when it happens. 

The Chore: Painting or any other form of art needs to be accomplished regularly. I’ve written an article about, ‘Don’t Feel Like It Days.’ Which wasn’t so difficult to write because myself and everybody I know has experienced that impasse and quagmire. Motivation is a fickle thing. Yes, we all want it, but creating art like any other task requires practical workability and resolve.

My painting: In spite of the misgivings that were enwond in every single brushstroke, I finally, finally came to realize that it was fiercely original.

The Reward: Were collectors lined up to purchase it? Well, no. Did I gain a great deal of satisfaction once it was completed? Yes, indeed. It accomplished two things, self-gratification and self-assurance. When your thoughts and ideas come together and focus through oil painting, anything is possible. Filled with surprises, tenacity, and a good measure of stubbornness along the way. 

“The guiding hand behind a paint-laden brush has no choice, but to orchestrate a harmonious work of art.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer