Pour and Flow

Pour and Flow: In motion to be seen and texturally felt! Do the thoughts in your mind go up or do they go down? 

The pace was brought to a standstill as the small group of frenzied social media scrollers became detached.

And happening now is what you see, a painting that promises to pour and flow through your thoughts. Begging for little but asking for much. 

A three-dimensional world in-framed onto a two-dimensional oil painting is consequently only viewed digitally.

Undulated waves of ascending and descending brown oscillate with the visual guest in a mesmerizing way. 

The open and airy viewer is being drawn into a subtle need to justify by thought what he or she needs to think and speak.

No matter where you’re exposed to art of any type. Take the time to interpret not just visually, but what your mind speaks to you. It may not always be charming. It may be just a simple thought tonic that pours and flows through your mind.

“To see only casually robs the mind of an untold fortune in thought engagement.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer