Provoked Energy

Provoked Energy

This oil painting could’ve attracted numerous titles. The truth: This work required both mental and physical energy. More often than not, the cerebral and stamina just weren’t complementing each other. The brush had its own mind. The braininess behind the color selection well, you can see what blossomed, a floriferous ballooning.


Paintings that infer nature as a happening on a two-dimensional canvas, possess the ability to earnestly strike deep within our subconscious evolution. We are nature-embodied and actualized. It’s in our nature to embrace nature’s colorful complexion.


You may see, as the viewer in this artwork, something that deeply reverberates a maze-like colorful composition. You see no real beginning, it just bleeds off at the edges, perhaps on a mission to pursue more canvas to be revealed on. Or maybe it just wants to become part of nature.


“Nature never allows an artist to reveal in a work of art anything that will infer a vision that threads the

imagination beyond its own creations.” 


Rod Jones Artist-Writer