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Rod Jones Artist painting Equation | oil on canvas | Rod Jones Artist

Art | Space | Time: Moving no less than fast. Art like all creative endeavors survives in the palatable ether of the mind. So what does all that really mean? Creativity is nothing more than the execution of organized thoughts. The art of painting in every conceivable combination of organized thinking always manages to be transferred to an environment or a surface. So what does that mean? You dream it up, you make it happen. If you’re talented, the art becomes meaningful. If you’re not so talented the art still has meaning. ood in. Nothing is good and nothing is bad. It’s just that some are more good than bad.

Art, space and time incubates ideas. What does that mean? You have it in your thoughts to create. All forms of creativity require space and time to actualize. Art in all of its manifestations reveals humanness. To be human is to think, and to think is creative.

What does this all mean? You will never fully master creativity unless you’re willing to allow yourself time to think. Thinking has almost become out of style. Or when we do you think it’s pretty much filled with unnecessary thoughts and ideas. It’s almost as if the devil has taken over our mind and clutters it with unproductive negative thinking. Get rid of as much of those unproductive thoughts as you can. You’ll be surprised how much your mind will like you, and how much you will like your thoughts. It’s not easy to do, but push out negativity and welcome thoughts of a good report. A clear mind is a masterful workshop where everything is possible. Think forward, think forward with your thoughts.

“I thought the day was young, and then it was gone, along with all my good intentions.”


Rod Jones artist- writer