Creative serendipity

Serendipitous | Rod Jones Artist

As luck would have it, or is it divine intervention? The old, old, old, saying, “luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Or as I like to say, opportunities show up in our lives exactly when they’re supposed to, and not a minute before. Somehow the universe seems to know the exact moment when we’re ready to take advantage of opportunities that have been hidden away in a vault, only to be shown the light of day, when we start gracing us with divine intervention.

You may think you are unlucky, especially when it comes to others recognizing your creativity. Perhaps you are; but I suspect that is rarely the case, and more often than not, it has to do with your attitude. That attitude may need a whole bunch of preparation, if opportunity is ever going to favor you.

Emily walked into the room. “How’s it going Ricky?”

“Mom; it’s not going very well I can’t seem to get this drawing right, no matter what I try.”

“I think I know your problem son.”

“Oh yeah, and what would that be my dear mother?” Ricky said somewhat sarcastically.

“It’s obvious to me, you seem to start out or end up with the word “can’t”. Many times you say cannot do this or that. You set yourself up for disappointment when you add the word “can’t” to your thinking.” Emily fired back at Ricky with a smiling sarcastic tone.

“That’s one of your problems Ricky; stop being so negative, turn “can’t” into the word “difficult” followed by, “It may be difficult, but I can make it happen.”

“Mom, you and dad always seem to be pretty positive. I think it’s sis that blurts out a string of negatives that gets me going.”

“Yeah, I know, I guess it’s time for me to have a little chat with her. In the meantime, lose the word “can’t”. I can’t stand it…’ when you and she tell me you can’t.”

Emily started laughing, and Ricky joined in.

Serendipity hates negativity; after all why should it show up and benefit those that pretty much do everything they can to push it away. Some people are capable of becoming super creative when they are surrounded by chaos. Those same people cannot maintain any real creative output, if their thoughts are filled with negativity. Good creative thoughts are very demanding and require all of your attention. Let one negative thought sneak in, and I can assure you your creative parade will be rained on. Why; because we are all human, your creative output will take a momentary dive every time negativity takes charge.

Cautionary note: when you see or learn that someone else has just lived through a serendipitous experience, celebrate in a positive way for them. Being joyful for others’ good fortunes, it prepares your mind and life to create favor with divine intervention. Good luck can be and often is contagious, especially if we are happy when those around us succeed. Creative serendipity hates jealous people and may bring on the kind of serendipity you don’t want.

Think serendipitously, be a blessing to your creative self. It can be an unexpected occurrence, but oh the value… when it shows up. Expect this phenomenon to charge your creative energy by giving chance meetings. No one can predict the future but serendipitous experiences can open doors. If you ever fell in love with someone you just met and could not explain why… that was serendipity. We all have them and from time to time they’re all about creative thoughts and ideas.

Creative serendipity is generally not tangible, you can’t see it or touch it, but you can recognize it when it happens to you and others. Almost everyone knows when it has happened to them. It’s one of those ‘look backs’ when you say, “I can’t believe I was so lucky, because…” You fill in the blank. We all have been blessed with many creative serendipities. Yours may be happening right now, or perhaps it’s just around the corner. 

Remember creative serendipity loves non-negative people. Let the perfect creative opportunity, meet your prepared mind.