Drama – Drama

Drama | Rod Jones Artist

Drama-drama everywhere; what we don’t generously serve up to ourselves, we are given in platefuls and pot fulls of ominous unwholesomeness. Life’s dramas are pernicious, and often visit those with minds that live in the abundance of vulnerability.

Day to day we are inundated with drama from just about everything we see, hear and touch. I suppose for some it makes life interesting, but it can drag you into hole, and it certainly can affect your creative output.

Watch or listen to an hour of the news, then get up and go into your creative space. Your studio, your writing desk, or maybe your music room, and start the creative process. Try as hard as you will, but those invariably negative images and words that were almost pounded into your brain will rob you.

There are many opportunities to be overtaken by drama. A conversation with a loved one that went way off course. What about a well-meaning parent, who gives you heck… for not doing whatever he or she thinks you should be doing. Business and work related drama can be some of the most damning, especially if it threatens your ability to keep food on the table.

Is there a solution? Well maybe; I’ve been trying to come up with one, for many years. Nobody likes having their parade rained on. The drama in our lives is a thief, orchestrated by devilish thinking that is sometimes hidden in the best of intentions. If we become what we think about all day long, and what we are thinking is positive, wholesome, and of good report. Then we should be able to jump out instead of jumping into the fray of drama. It’s probably never going to be a reality if you don’t at least try. We all make tons of choices virtually every day of our lives. It would be wonderful to make the choice, to go on a drama diet, and limit the number of dramatic servings you take in on a daily basis.

Another tactic for inducing drama comes in a neat little package called gossip! The gossip culprit is driven by the devil’s wedge, and has no shortage of accomplices. These trigger men or trigger women and are the backsliders of morality, and depending upon the passion they bring to the table of conversation;  it can be one of the most disruptive drama driven repeaters. Gossip; another destructive plate to push away from you when you sit down and entertain creative thinking or thoughts.

Take your mind, and yourself out of every pervasive dramatic episode that invariably shows up randomly, but often on time, just when you want to surrender yourself to your creativity. Is it easy? No! It may require a little bit of planning to ward off various annoyances from toxic people, social media, the news, and especially you need to duck well-meaning gossipy friends.

Fortunately most of us have had great friends and acquaintances, who believed in us, and are very supportive, they can build you up when you are wallowing in your own self-inflicted dramatic episodes. Be not a burden onto them. Give them a break, maybe they need to concentrate on their own creative outcomes. Is it better to give, then to receive? No, it’s better to do neither, when it comes to the seduction of drama.

If you’re still reading this, by now you have had the opportunity to recognize various forms of drama that have literally dissolved your creative focus. I’m sorry to hear that, but welcome to Life 101, the lessons we learn along the way help guide us, or at least keep us on a path that will lead us to achieve the goals we so deeply nurture in our hearts.

Your talent may be growing exponentially but your creative time is not. It’s fleeting—milliseconds by millisecond. Think before you act on those emotional disruptors. You will never be able to avoid them all; do your best to at least avoid as many as you can. Maintain your own emotional well-being by not surrendering to influences you invariably have no control over. Getting upset, as we all learned in our earliest school days, never yields the outcomes we had hoped for.

There’s no life without drama. It’s obvious that the producers of movies, songs, plays and books know that good drama makes money. After all who invented the protagonist and antagonist. These are the characters that will tug on your heart, both good and bad. But in real life, drama or at least too much of it can be debilitating. There’s enough stresses in life without going out of your way to conjure up your own visionistic drama. Give it a rest! You will be a lot happier and so will be the people you engage with.

Drama – Drama, it’s everywhere and more than happy to leave you bare, or at the very least uncomfortable.