Creating in a Digital Bubble

Creative Bubble | Rod Jones Artist

We live our creative lives so differently, not just by our creations. Autonomous and unique to our own visual thoughts and ideas. Nor by the mediums we create in, there are virtually no restrictions. If you can think of one let me know. If an artist or creator can conceive it, invariably they will figure out a way to achieve it. Results may vary from each attempt; but sooner or later one of these artworks will shine through.

What is this digital bubble that all creatives have been forced to domicile in? The one in which we have no choice but to move in, and set up our creative shop. It has its own set of rules and for the non-adapters, it can be a foreboding experience, laced with feelings of anxiety and stress.

Creative people have been forced, although some adapted gleefully, but most others have had to come to terms with an event that they could have never predicted in the sum total of their creative lives. Desperately; many creative people have resisted the digital bubble. Fighting against it, deep down inside the anxious, annoying feelings they were overcome with, literally left them with no real recourse but to accept what was going to be the inevitable.

Welcome to the world of creating in a digital bubble. You can no longer just create a work of art, without seriously considering how you would share your creations in the digital world. You are trapped! You have no choice, the chains that shackle you to your phone, tablet, or computer, will most likely never be broken. You are incarcerated in a merchandising rift. If you don’t adopt, you’re doomed to obscurity, a purgatory, of hellish consequences. You simply will not be seen or heard for that matter.

The digital bubble dictates to you, and you dutifully sit up straight and grab one or all of your digital devices, and obey the command! “You must make a post.” 

“You must write something so your post will be understood.”

You must do this morning noon and night, spending less time creating and more time playing show and tell. You have no choice, well maybe you do have a choice, you can live the ambiguous creative life. After all, what does that really mean.

The digital bubble is like a prison cell; of course it has no walls or bars, it adamantly requires you to be connected digitally, and while doing so, you allow every bit of your privacy to be exposed to hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Pick up your mobile device— you are targeted while you’re trying to tell the world, “Look at me, see me, can you tell? I am wonderfully creative.” 

“Yes; we see you, we know your name, we know what your creative output looks like, but we can’t honestly say there are very many of us that really care what you write in post or do visually.”

“Oh yes some do… you may refer to them as BFF— followed by a ton of mutually gratifying emoji’s, you cry out… is there is no reciprocation?

“I love you, and I love what you do, why don’t you love me too?”

The digital bubble can never be broken, it’s here, your creative life will never be the same. You only have two choices if you want to be noticed. Number one, you become an unabashed social media promoter of yourself. Along the way you admire other creatives’ art works, and of course so many of them do deserve your admiration. It becomes a give-and-take proposition, if you love me, I will love you. After all we both live in this creative digital bubble, with no exits. Let’s just be friends: Add your own favorite emoji here.

The digital bubble-sphere cannot be seen, but it is more controlling than any muse. Your creative life, from here to eternity, will always reside in a digital bubble… for future generations to discover. These computer savvy diggers, may be referred to as ‘digital bubble archaeologists.’ Just think about that, every time you make a post. It will be there in perpetuity, with all of its glory and many of its blemishes.

You may want your mission in life to be one of maneuvering your way into creating a personal digital bubble; that way you can be seen around the world and for almost ever and ever. Things could be worse.