Cosmology Rod Jones Artist


Oil on Canvas

All art comes from the Universe, for that matter all creative thoughts come from the universe. I know it’s so much more fun to think “I’m so brilliantly creative, look at me! Look at me!” Indulge me for a moment and consider this, we refer to the earliest cave paintings as art, but the makers of those wall renderings did not know it was art. Those talented ones, did not even know what the word art was or meant, or creativity, or exhibitions, or bohemianism. They might have understood the phrase, “starving artist” or for sure, what starving meant— if their stomachs were growling.

Early Man was motivated by something that compelled him to create art on cave walls, most likely “what’s for dinner.” But who told him how to do it? There were no art schools, probably no teachers, and no real signs that he practiced scribbling on cave walls until he was satisfied with his outcomes. He was programmed by the universe. We humans are made up of elements derived from the universe. These elements are made up of atoms impregnated with stellar DNA. We have thoughts; creative thoughts; but where do they come from— past lives reincarnated from our creative ancestors? Maybe… but  you can argue your way out of that one rather quickly. 

Flashes of inspiration, we have all had them. Where did they come from? Honest people don’t take credit for these inspirations. They invariably say to themselves and others, “Wow, where did that come from?” Topping it off with a prayerful thank you, most often hidden in their breath. “I’m a creative genius,”  not really, but it makes good copy. After all, do you really want to give credit to the unknown universe for insightful ideas? 

Is it possible that all this creativity was ordained over countless millennium? If so; is it programmed into our DNA? And from time to time, it percolates through our humanness. Every honest talented person that creates genuinely and originally, knows these moments of inspirations, stellar ideas, divine interventions, and celestial guidances comes from outside earthly inspirations. 

Look inside, listen— the universe is talking to you through every atom in your body. If you tune in properly, you will find it to be most generous in supplying you with profound originality in your creative endeavors.

Why am I calling this painting “Cosmology?” First, let’s understand the definition of cosmology. “A branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of the universe.” Thank you my faithful friend: Merriam-Webster. 

My painting is not a macrocosm or literal interpretation of the cosmos. Not many artists would be bold enough to make that claim. The viewer; at first glance, may think it’s a omnium-gatherum. (an unorganized collection or mixture of various things)

But, like all my art works it’s purely “Receptive Abstract Patternism.” It’s authentic and original to me, why? Well because: because I take very little credit for it’s genesis. Invariably the outcome is just as much a surprise to me as it to my beloved and my friends. I pride myself by announcing to all those within earshot; “I genuinely don’t look for, nor take any inspiration from outside of my own mind.” When I say genuinely,

I simply look for; and for the most part within my own thoughts. More often than not those thoughts are not caged by preconceived notions. I believe they are the result of molecules or atoms from billions of evolutionary changes constantly taking place in the universe; which just happens to be making their way; on a mission: to reside comfortably in my body’s gray matter. 

Am I the only person that thinks; intuitive inspirations are the result of the universe sharing trillions and trillions of particles of matter? Starting with “The philosophical idea of the— “Big Bang:” could it be that we humans evolved, predestined to create because we were embedded with molecular matter from a “God Like” cosmos creation?

I for one; could never possibly know or understand… but I will keep on relishing, and tapping into my mind for the clues; showing great pride in my art, and it’s own evolution from the perpetual giving of creative ideas from what, I sometimes reluctantly accept as a cognition forthcoming from the universe.

Rod Jones Artist