Fecund Rod Jones Artist


Oil on Canvas

The unappeased creative imagination is dilemmatic by nature.

You live your life programmed to be creative, which gives one a sense of exultation only to be followed by, “The Agony and the Ecstasy”. Why?

I have experienced, creative highs, euphoric and unbounded. Then the demons appear, desperately trying to extinguish the flames of creativity; leaving only the embers. With self-imposed training and self awareness, I manage to regain my loyalty to the soul elevating craft of being in control of my own creativity. Anticipating splendid outcomes from a much higher source, that I believe is in all creative people.

You do not have to be an artist to be creative, you don’t have to be a musician, poet, writer, or a performer. You do have to accept, a sometimes elusive reality, that being creative is in your nature. Want to proof ? 

Fix yourself a sandwich, after it’s done and ready to devour, consider this: What were the thoughts that went through your head while you were creating this epicurean delight… that you are a foodie? Probably not, but you did make lots of decisions, lots of creative decisions while you salivated. It’s a masterpiece of your own creation.

I sometimes think the universe is the catalyst of all creative thoughts; if we just learn to tune in. The more you use your creativity, the more you accept it, the greater it becomes.

Revealing your own nature to be creative. I paint, I write and I love making colossal sandwiches. For me, as a boy discovering my creativity mostly started with toys. Tinker Toys and my favorite the Electric Erector Set. Soon came the hammer and nails leading to the perfect treehouse “Fort”.  All children play, boys play one way, girls play another way, and that play is wrapped in imagination and the development of creativity. Then the inevitable comes— We grow up. The pressures of life gently start, and as we mature they escalate. Our childhood imaginations evaporate taking with it creativity or at least our spiritual understanding of what it means to be filled with creative bliss. 

The “Agony” comes from not tuning into your deep rooted, undiminished creativeness. Be faithful to yourself, by trusting you subconscious mind.  Avoid; if possible outside thoughts that invariably appear. They seem to be designed with a sabotaging sensibility that may be useful when it comes to survival but they are no friend of artistic creativity.

The “Ecstasy“ comes from the untethered, free-flowing thoughts of a well-hewed   innocence. I personally try to be unaffected by outside influences and instead concentrate on the muse of receptiveness. Which, with some luck, manages to stave off the “unappeased creative imagination that is dilemmatic to all creativeness”. 

The painting- Fecund (inventive imagination) was and still is replete with agonizing doubts. Born on the trickfull mind of conceived notions, that are rarely founded in truth, and most often plagues all creative thinking, 

Fecund; is my own inventive imagination, unabridged proof of the plenary nature of“Receptive Abstract Patternism”. In truth, it’s one of my artworks that blatantly confirms my willingness to push the proverbial envelope of well-rounded edginess. The work is a juxtaposition of patterns which create a whole. The viewer is confronted with an array of  “Visual mind chatters”. The work of art is a conglomeration, or at least one of those creative things that sucks you in, unassumingly, leaving far more than the mind can comfortably digest. 

I wish I could provide all who dwell on this particular piece of artwork; a roadmap of profound Interpretations. And me, the arbiter— I must share with you— when I complete a work of art or visit one that was created years earlier, I ask myself “what were you thinking?”. Chaotically, the answer never really reveals itself. I’m left holding the emotional bag, forever. Searching for the elusive answers, living mesmerized, knowing, like the adventures in worlds yet to be discovered. I will come to terms… facing another empty canvas with intrepidation. Resultant to use my painting tools, and my untethered mind to be in a state of creative bliss. Let the painting venture at hand begin….   

Rod Jones Artist