The Safe Place

The Safe Place The Safe Place | Oil on Canvas | Rod Jones Artist

The Safe Place: It’s in your head mostly. What you picture in your thoughtful mind is what? A little cozy cabin in a forest with a small lake right outside the door. Add a tiny dock with a canoe tied up to it. All of the birds in the forest are serenading you with their beautiful melodies. The cabin is warm and cozy. A gentle fire burns in the fireplace. There is no TV, radio or Internet connection. Your mobile phone is totally useless because there are no cell towers within 200 miles. On the stove rests a kettle. Actually there is a teakettle and a pot. The kettle just steamed up to a boil, notifying you by its charming little whistling sound. Time for a cup of relaxing herbal tea. The pot has been simmering all day with a medley of vegetables that were picked fresh from the garden. The bountiful soup is simmering away. To be accompanied by a fresh baked loaf of bread for your evening meal.

After hard days of work both inside and outside of your brain. Your heart and soul starts telling you to find the safe place. One that has to be imaginary, for if it really existed it would not be the perfect safe place.

You may have traveled to a far-off land where you felt perfectly content. Your every thought was peaceful and showed no signs of angst or stress. But that was short-lived because life is filled with reality that can never be masked by physical means.

Imagination is fathomless. It cannot be measured in space and time. It does have the remarkable benefit of creating the perfect setting for the safe place we all need from time to time.

The cabin in the forest is a dreamt up vision of an idyllic place to shelter in, when dealing with the turbulence of our daily lives. There are many opportunities to find your own personalization of the perfect safe place. Look inward and create a vision with your own thoughts of the ideal to create a meaningful respite from uninvited outside forces.

Keep the safe place that you have created for yourself, known only on to you. When you share with others, either you or they will want to join in together, and consequently your peace and tranquility will be robbed.

The daydream of the safe place is no daydream it can become your reality. You may want to go there for a solitary minute or maybe spend as much quality time as possible in that self designed protective fortress. Consider going there just before you fall asleep. It will bring beautiful restful dream states into your subconscious and you will wake up fresh and ready to take on the day.

“I dreamt my thoughts had left me all alone, and then I saw a secret door that opened to my imagination where the safe place had been hiding from me.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer