Soulful Hours

Soulful Hours Soulful Hours | Oil on Board | Rod Jones Artist

Soulful Hours: Five minutes past, Never-O’clock which resides in the back of our spiritual mind, you may discover two angels. One with white glowing wings attached. The other one has sinister dark black wings. Depending on how your deep subconscious works and how you think, one of these two winged Angels has set up housekeeping. You will never ever find them sharing the principal compartments in your brain.

If guilt was a form of currency we would all be wealthy. Some of us might be sinfully wealthy. Others may have truly secured serenity in heaven, when their time comes.

We are all given a measured allotment of time. A measured amount of that time is misappropriated, or is heisted by felonious activities by the dark Angel in our head. No one has been plundered more, than those who do not entertain the white Angel.

There are hours that are soulful. That’s when your thoughts are filled with grace and self understanding. The dark Angel, or angels… in our minds, can not compete with the White Angel. This White Angel is nurturing to our soul’s holistic attitude. It’s reflected in our subconscious and conscious feelings of self worth. It’s most often revealed in our self-talk. The self-talk that robs us of our inward and outward calmness.

By now you may be looking for a solution, that will ensure every soulful hour you live creates inner peace. What I don’t need to tell you about, because we all experience it, is the demonization of unproductive and negative thinking everyone has no shortage of. When we manage to drive out, or cast out, one demon from our thinking, seven more move right back in. That’s because they knew the mind they just left was warm, cozy, and secure. A mind filled with negative thoughts will always attract the Black Angel.

The first measure you must consider is what brings in those happiness stealing thoughts. No one can ever truly get rid of them all. But the key is the associations you create in your conscious and subconscious mind with the White Angel. To put it even more simply, you just trade one bad thought for a good thought, until the bad thoughts become so uncomfortable they don’t want to hang out with you anymore.

Is it easy to be perfectly content inside our heart, soul, and mind. What do you think? No one ever thinks their lives are perfect. Well, at least most well-adjusted and normal people don’t. Trading negative thoughts for positive thoughts, will at least give you some peace of mind. Before you know it, you will experience a majority of Soulful Hours… in virtually every 24-hours of your life. It’s not all that magical, or for that matter, difficult. Just commit yourself to hanging out with the White Angel. He or she cares about you. And wants you to live a life filled with grace and happiness.

“The light was bright white as it pierced my soul, leaving a trail of goodness, love and understanding.”


Rod Jones