Sea Among the Winter Snow

Sea Among the Winter Snow Rod Jones Artist

Sea Among the Winter Snow

Size (h w d): 36 x 48 x 1.5 in

Medium: Oil On Canvas


Description:This painting is one that truly exemplifies my personal vision as an artist. It coalesces patterns, shapes and especially colors that I personally find riveting and reviving. The viewer of this work can visually explore the snow in any setting. Experiencing the dazzling snowflakes whirling around creating a softness and sensory experience visually. The sea is illustrated by the deep rich green background color. The light green and matching blue and red enhance the animation of the sea and its time on our planet.

Again, this is a painting that needs to be experienced in a gallery. The energy that it exudes is difficult to grasp when viewing it on a mobile device or a computer screen. I fervently believe viewing art on a device as opposed to experiencing the work face to face is likened to a Instagram photo of someone’s delicious meal. It may looks appealing but you receive absolutely no actual sensory feedback. In other words, there is no “bon appétit”.