Falling Into Place

Falling Into Place Rod Jones Artist

Falling into Place
Size: 36”x48”x1.75”
Oil on Canvas

Description: Sometimes when all seems chaotic…thoughts, ideas, experiences of life, semblance is occurring in the background. The mis-matched angles of life sometimes feel incomplete and tumbling into a free fall when in reality the shapes really coalesce and elongate the form of life to create an understanding and perception that one cannot comprehend.

In this painting the rectangular forms represent life and its path.As there is an order and timing of meaningful opportunities that the universe designs as just right for you.

When viewing this painting in the gallery you may find yourself mesmerized by the galvanizing colors from the cool grey muted background to the more winsome pinks and blues creating a suspenseful atmosphere for the red objects falling into place.Take your time when viewing this painting and consider a time in your life when everything just came together, or like this painting everything fell into place.