Trestle Rod Jones Artist


Size: 48 x 36 x 1.5 in

Medium: oil on canvas


Description: America’s growth was dependent upon cities and the trains that connected them. In this painting the trestle is represented in black and surrounds the city both figuratively and metaphorically.

This painting is quite visual, the background is silver giving it a metallic feel. The black trestle is sooty and contrasts with the pastel pinks, blues and gold interior. I personally hung this painting in my office it is one of my paintings that is great to meditate on. It draws you in and then allows you to create your own visual dreamscape. I can’t tell you if it triggered new painting concepts. Generally my work evolves the minute I look at a canvas and then somewhere deep within my subconscious the work just starts to evolve. I’d like to say I am in total control of each painting, but that would be false. I don’t look to the outside world for inspiration, although as you look at some of my interpretative work you will discover that my history with nature seems to present itself.

The subconscious mind is a wonderful presenter of thoughts and ideas. Without the land trestle this country could not have been connected, maybe the mind is a trestle connecting our notion with reality.