Light At the End Of?

LIght at the End of Imaginary Bliss | Oil on Canvas | Rod Jones Artist

Light At The End Of? Life lives in spite of itself. No two are alike. Whether it be man or beast, the beginnings are all shared experiences and expectations. It’s not philosophically driven, it simply is a reality. Seeking starts at birth. Outcomes are driven most often by choices.

When we turn our backs on the light at the end of a foreseeable outcome, we then start the process of extinguishing the beckoning future that holds our deepest and most sincere wishes.

Every tunnel we approach has a threshold. It may be a labyrinth, constructed with the most annoying twists and turns. Inclines may be ever present, and of course there are some very nasty deep trenches and canyons. Occasionally there are peaks to ascend and descend.

Tunnels are issued to us. They are meant to challenge everyone’s faith and tenacity. No matter what your predestined course in life is, we all must optimally seek the light, in spite of the challenges… It’s there.

Some may experience one long tunnel. Others may face numerous tunnels, filled with demons that do everything possible to keep us from discovering freedom from the light at the end.

The solution to the challenges we face in life’s tunnels, may be as simple as changing our thinking to the phrase, “positive expectations.” It’s no longer. “Seek and you shall find.” Because seeking is the entrance to all tunnels good and bad.

The light at the end of a tunnel is a perpetual promise that is achievable. But understand that light means different things to different people. It never can be the same for two individuals.

You may be reading this, clearly knowing or feeling you’re trapped in a tunnel, and there  is no light in sight. But there is. Practice positive expectations. You’ll be surprised how quickly the path through that tunnel evens out. The light at the end of the tunnel will become brighter and brighter, and so will you.