Eyes, hands and art

They grace our bodies, collectively searching for fulfilling and positive feedback both visually and through touch.

Eyes and hands are the tools of the heart. Both can be sensuous, inviting and generous. They grace our bodies, collectively searching for fulfilling and positive feedback both visually and through touch. It’s a search that lasts every awakening hour, making the human experience uniquely perceptive and profoundly creative.

Eyes that see inward and outward, reflecting every stage of one’s emotions and life; creating windows for the mind that allows you to document all things seen. Whether they’re a gawk or gaze. The most expressive ‘glare’ is a two way communication revealing discontentment or concern. But the look of joy and love in your eyes reflects heart filled emotions, that’s when another set of eyes tunes in and meets your gaze. Then you achieve a shared blissful moment, that can only be truly telegraphed by eye to eye contact.

We all too often avoid eye contact, it’s a stingy way to live, and you miss the genuineness of those you meet and greet. If the eyes are the window to every man’s and woman’s soul, then peer in, and see if they are hollow, or if they are genuinely beautiful people.

Virtually no one can hide from what the portal of their eyes most often reveals. It’s impossible to fall in love without making eye contact, and if you do, you may have signed a contract with the devil. Share and show your love by being generous with your peering’s. But only connect with like-minded eyes. Treachery and deceit can try to hide in soulless people, their eyes send out warnings, that may not always be easy to spot and perceive. Keep your scrutinizing eyes in survey mode. Share love with the recipients you visually connect with. The results will lighten your burden from the cares of the world, and make another’s heart peacefully happy.

Hands, careworn from life’s thorns and blistery bites, still manage to soothe and comfort, they take their cue from loving thoughts. A sturdy handshake, or holding hands in friendship or in love, sends touch-communications, creating a communion of warmth and respect. Next to your eyes your hands have the power to build and create any meaningful relationship into a connection of spirituality. Your eyes reflect your soul, but your hands reach out to give and receive physical and psychological warmth, to the giver and the receiver. Our hands are the initiator of hugs, and often bring our eyes closer to an adoring intimate gaze. You bring your hands together in prayer, probably the only time when your two hands meet to find solace for your soul, to give thanks or to transmit healing thoughts to another.

Your eyes watch your hands create consciously and unconditionally the whims of your heart, directed by thoughts of mysterious nature. From our first innocent gaze as we enter this world seeing our first conscious touch. A touch to build a life on. Our life begins with a vision of an extended index finger, as when ‘God gives life to Adam,’ so he gives a seeing life to us, with all of the glories associated with hands that are meant to create beauty.

All creativity is composed in the mind, but it makes its debut through the eyes and the hands. Painting, writing, sculpting, playing an instrument, and many other creative tasks require eye hand coordination. To the skilled at these tasks, this coordination becomes second nature. Talented people rarely if ever, take the time to express gratitude for these miraculous creative tools. “It is well with me only when I have a chisel in my hand.” Michelangelo.

Story within a story: The newborns eyes and hands. I walked the halls of the hospital with my wife, who was nearing the time to deliver our child. We reassured each other in the most loving way, the joy and love we felt for each other, and with great anticipation of being able to give our mutual love to a child. The time was near as we entered the birthing room. My wife was mentally, physically and emotionally prepared. I on the other hand was doing my best to hold back my nervousness. I was there to be the most supportive and loving husband a wife could have, and certainly one she knew she could depend on.

The birth experience was nearly perfect. My wife and her body did the job she was blessed for. Her newborn child laid alongside her and I had the most profound honor of meeting my daughter. I looked at my wife and new mother and our eyes meant, we shared a heartfelt moment of peaceful pride in the most genuine love to souls could feel for each other.

I looked at this beautiful child, I moved my hand close to her tiny little hands, she surprised me, as we made eye contact, she wrapped her tiny newborn hand around one of my fingers, she held ever so tightly, as if she were letting me know, I am very happy to be with you, and see you for the first time. Her eyes were deeply intense and scanning mine.

My eyes became watery and gentle tears rolled down my cheeks. I thought to myself, “I pray to God that I will be a good provider and loving, caring father to this blessed child, that is now looking deep into my soul. and holding onto me with the most loving and intentful embrace.”

Through the years that first hand and eye meeting, brought with it the most happiest and joyful experiences a father could ever hope for. My daughter was born in Angel and still is to this day, 28 years later. My wife and I are blessed, and we like to think our daughter is too, because she has never known the day when her mommy and daddy did not love her unconditionally.