Dialogue with a Canvas

Dialogue with a Canvas Rod Jones Artist

Dialogue with a Canvas 

Oil on canvas

 “Well my intimidating big blank canvas; what should we do today?” 

 “I said it before and I will say it again now— Rod; loosen it up, I don’t see spontaneity, it’s like you’re following some prickly formula which even us canvases can get a little tired of.”

 “ I try but I’m somewhat fearful; you know, like when writers say they have writers block, it’s invariably an excuse for being afraid to start; a blank piece of paper, like a blank canvas, can be most intimidating. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yeah” ‘but you are just giving me an excuse for not exploring your own originality Rod.”

“Perhaps I am; I often hear, if you can just put one brushstroke of color on a canvas it will all fall into place.”

“Yes, whatever it takes,” You know Rod; we canvases put up with a lot from you artists.” 

“I suppose you do; but how about giving me some suggestions?”

“I can’t speak for all canvas, but when I see you standing in front of me, I find it curious how your expressions change as you go deep into meditative thought.” It looks to me like you are over thinking as to what you are going to do next, this leads to a painting that doesn’t translate well to the viewer.”

“I agree canvas on that point: I know some of my art really does make people experience joy, but that being said, definitely not all works accomplish much in the way of bringing to the viewer a sense of gratification.”

“Well; like I said in the beginning, ‘loosen up,’  it’s my job as your canvas, to stare back at you, encouraging you, and give you a good clean surface for you to infuse and enliven with your oil paints, in a ‘hopefully’ creative way.”

“Obviously , no artist wants to spend time in front of you, or any other canvas being tormented with indecision.” ‘We can always find some solace in telling ourselves; we are just experimenting.’ Deep inside we want every work we create to be a marvel.”

“Then just get outside your own thoughts: Rod; let the creative muse take you on an adventure, you don’t need to be chatting with a blank canvas; besides if someone heard you; they might think you have ‘bats in the belfry,’ but then again, trying to be an artist, maybe you do.”