Contest Results for this Painting

Name the Painting Contest | Rod Jones Artist

The best submitted name for this painting came from the very talented Anna, she can be found at @cowpunkgal on Instagram.

Anna is a remarkably talented jewelry designer. I have been fortunate to know her through her Instagram posts. I quickly discovered that not only is she a fine art jewelry designer, she happens to be a very good composer of thoughts and ideas.

This is what Anna posted regarding this painting, when I asked for people to suggest a name that would best describe this work of art. “What’s in a name? This painting I have entitled: Mitochondrian. A mashup of mondrine and mitochondria, because science and art have collided.”

Who is Anna? She is a very gifted fine art jewelry designer. As I have had the opportunity to look at many of her posts over the last year or so, I discovered that she is an artist in her own right, as far as I know she doesn’t paint, but I’m quite certain, if she did they would be exceptional works of art. Her jewelry is elegant without being what I would call gaudy, not that I’m an expert in such things. But I do know good design when I see it. Plus; I have the benefit of showing her jewelry to my wife,and other family members. Collectively they all agree— beautifully crafted jewelry with a pronounced sense of elegance.

Anna’s jewelry can be seen at:

I often struggle, trying to come up with original names for my paintings. The works themselves usually have an uncanny way of suggesting the appropriate name. In this case my painting needed some help. I put the word out on social, that if anybody could come up with a suitable name for this work, I would send them a poster. I made it clear that I would have a special poster made just for them, and that they could choose from any of my posted paintings.

After we reviewed multiple names Anna’s seems to be by far one of the best, if not the very best. She obviously gave this art naming seriously.

It appears that Anna is a real perceptive thinker. It takes much brain power to generate a name for painting that you didn’t create. You cannot really get into the mind of the artist, but in this case, I think she connected with the spirit of the work insightfully well.

I hope you take a look at her beautiful jewelry on Instagram. There’s a link on her Instagram account. @cowpunkgal to her store.

Congratulations to Anna! We’ll be sending her a poster that we hope she will enjoy, as much as I respect her taking the time to name one of my works of art.

I’m pretty sure I will be doing this again; letting someone come up with the perfect name for one of my paintings. Who knows? It could be you.