Art and the Afternoon Drizzle

Art and the Afternoon Drizzle: Unprepared was I. The most I expected from the sky that afternoon was a mizzle, not a drizzle. The sun seemed to be shining through on all sides of the puffy varicolored slaty and white clouds. I felt it was sure to be a refreshing and energizing walk. Then I saw raindrops accumulating in vast numbers below and all around my feet on the dusty pavement. As mesmerizing as those splats of raindrops disrupting the dirty road before me became, the atmosphere had another unexpected surprise. A blistering burst of thunder, making my hair stand on end and adding an array of goosebumps down my arms and neck.

It’s an interpretive abstract painting you see here, nature inadvertently served it up. The artwork was foreseeably destined to happen between me, the paints, and the canvas. To the casual eye of the viewer, it is easy to interpret the three clouds. Scattered rain is represented by the dots of gray. Brilliant red squares surrounded by smaller squares represent the sparkling sun that was playing hide and seek with the clouds. The dominating three clouds are variegated with elemental shapes reflecting a translucence.

All works of art whether they be abstracts or easily understood representations, encourage thought and activate our imagination. What is the first thing you see when you look at this painting? Be critical or be generous with your thoughts. Love for you to share your interpretations.

“The artist walks alone and meanders for countless hours in his or her imagination.”


  Rod Jones Artist-Writer