Arts Joyful Vibrancy

Arts Joyful Vibrancy: Would this painting of mine inspire Beethoven to compose the Ode to Joy from the 9th Symphony? Not likely, but the Ode to Joy inspired me to make this work of art. That and remembrances of a child’s birthday party, colorful balloons and all.

I rarely if ever like to admit that my art is inspired by anything outside of my imagination. While I was creating this piece I found myself humming the Ode to Joy. There was something particularly happy going on inside my head, which ultimately ended up with the harmonious happy colors being strategically placed on the canvas and held together by pinkish streamers.

Genuinely… I do not know what’s more gratifying, creating a work of art, or looking at a work of art. We read into everything we see visually. Some things we see just make you smile or feel good inside. Others can agitate in a depressing way. Art has the power to impact each and every one of us in emotional ways. Visual art has been used even before the beginning of recorded time, and certainly before people knew how to read or write. With every intention to sway and influence people’s thinking and opinions. It is, and has been the ultimate propaganda tool.

All art, great, good, or bad influences us. Sometimes it’s created with such cunning, that you don’t even know how much of an impact it actually has, or will have on your immediate thoughts or your future thinking. Art has an imaginative ability in inventing or devising ways to penetrate your subconscious mind and linger for a lifetime.

When you see Arts Joyful Vibrancy in any visual work of art, make it a refreshing interlude. Get your mind and thoughts untroubled. Joyful art is truly a respite for the mind.

“The joy is in the harmony of my visual imagination, boosting a tranquil awareness in the mind.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer