Brushstrokes of Expressionism x 1000

Brushstrokes of Expressionism x 1000: A good measure of amenability combined with ample disciplined patience, is the kind of resolve it takes to achieve a creative task.

When Rod asked Rod, are you sure you have the patience and stamina to make a painting like this? And yes I’m a Gemini, so Rod always asks Rod questions. The answer was an emphatic, “Maybe yes, or maybe no.” Which would be a typical response my inner voices would reply. Always noncommittal!” So how about giving it a try the dominant Rod suggested. The less aggressive Rod reluctantly went along with it.

How about you? We all face many challenges in life, an interesting fact is that those challenges can be most daunting especially if we are the perpetrators. But the more interesting fact is that some of the greatest inventions or creative works, in the beginning, looked like they were filled with insurmountable barriers to success.

I don’t know about you but my mind needs to quibble. It seems to be the curse that the twins of Geminis often live with. But I suspect it’s not just me who has contrary companions playing tug-of-war with our thoughts. Everyone during the discourse of thinking can break the sound barrier of repetitive thinking, sometimes productive, most often not.

Brushstrokes of Expressionism times a gazillion. At least when I spent several days adding brushstrokes it seemed like this painting had no end. After it was finished I even entertained the thought of adding a few more. The problem with paintings like this is that your mind wanders endlessly and achieves very little in the way of productive thinking. The best that can be said is, “Thank God it’s done, maybe”


“A content mind can be a shallow mind.

A challenged mind is a brainstorming mind of originality and creativity.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer