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A Thoughtful Podcast: If you heard someone say, “we celebrate what people love to do creatively by giving them a voice.” What would you think? Would you think that people who love to live their lives creatively, actually need a place where they can share what they’ve learned about living creatively with others. Would you think that to be a good thing?

What does living a creative life actually mean? Can you define it in your own life? Do you go to bed at night realizing that there is a good chance you will wake up at 3 AM with a brilliant idea that needs to be written down immediately. Or do you like to bake cakes? And do you think about all the things you can do to bake the perfect cake? And, I might add, the most delicious, the most beautiful cake there ever was. And if you are creating a birthday cake for a loved one, would you not put your heart and soul into it? Would you not agree that creativity is in everyone’s life if they would just realize it.

Creativity is the most perfect conscious, and subconscious tool we have to survive. Some people refer to it as resourcefulness. But when all is said and done, it’s purely the human mind making sure we survive through creative actions. It’s not just us bipedal vertebrates that have a creative backbone. Every living species, rather it be plant or animal survives on its adaptive use of creativity.

This is where it mostly gets to be fun. Creativity can certainly, “save your bacon.” But it can be, and should be a wonderful way to live your life. The mind, if given the chance, loves to play, and after all, we are still little children inside, when we allow that innocence to show itself. Every sport or game we have seen or played, came to the light of day because of someone’s creative imagination.

Spend a few minutes, or longer if you wish. By writing down all the creative things you’ve done in the last 12 hours. Watching TV does not count, or at least I don’t think it should. What about the various problems you have been trying to solve? Solutions come from creative thinking. Like-mindednesses? Yes there is such a thing, when one or more people focus on solving a problem. Creativity becomes a celebrated event. And you will witness a plentitude of handshaking, backslapping, high-fives, and celebratory hugs of every kind. That is the power of group creativity.

If you stopped reading this because you were still thinking about, writing down all the creative things you have done, welcome back. By now you should realize that you are definitely a creative person. You don’t need to be the next Rembrandt or Picasso. You don’t need to be another Beethoven or a Hemingway. Or if this suits you better, you don’t need to be a performer like Madonna, although I suppose if you’re a GAL, that could be brilliantly creative and abundantly fun. Creativity is what you make it in your own life, and the good news here is you have the right to choose your creative destinations, rather they be daily, or a lifelong commitment.

Celebrate your own creativity, hour by hour, day by day. You will be surprised at how much happier you will be, if you just embrace every little nougat of creativity that matches your whims and your honest and healthy hearts desire. Give it a whirl.

My wife, Inci (Angie) Jones and I, are the cohosts of the Thought Row Podcast. And yes indeed, we do celebrate what people love to do creatively, and we give them a voice. But not necessarily to our surprise, we have learned that there are some brilliantly creative people in this world that come from all walks of life. They each have a story, they each live an adventure. We also learned that creativity has no boundaries, it has no gender, or nationality, or race. It just exists. It’s not rare… it’s virtually something that everyone possesses. And yes some are more skilled at using it than others. It’s truly a blessed thing to witness, and it’s even more of a blessing when you live your life creatively.

“Creativity is what you grab on to when everything else fails. It is more often than not the solution to every problem we face in life.” 


Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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