A Dog Named Snowy – Revised

A Dog Named Snowy – Revised

Compulsively painted, with innocence. Giving my art viewers a respite from my usual “Receptive Abstract Patternism.” I originally presented this painting with a fictional story that I wrote. I have since removed the story from the website. Although some have enjoyed reading the story. I felt it was just too much for this painting. I suspect it will resurface again as part of a book.

The name of the painting will be shortened to just Snowy. The art itself has a meditative feel and there is much going on beneath the surface; as one of my dear artist friends pointed out to me.

It’s difficult to appreciate a painting like this because it’s not all about the graphic elements and it’s not an interpretive piece. It’s more about the energy it presents in person. It’s wonderful that art can be seen and appreciated online. That being said, we all know there’s nothing like looking at a work of art in person; face-to-face, with all its majesty and flaws to discover. Every brushstroke can tell a story that helps present and ethereal feeling.

The free-flowing nature of Snowy is its graceful colors virtually straight from the tubes of paint. They’re symbolic if you can muster up your unabridged sensitivities to color and shape. There’s really no pretenses here, the viewer must think for him or herself and come to their own satisfactory conclusions. Art vision— is mono dimensional. This work has only one linear dimension, but manages to trick the mind into visual exploration.

Snowy the dog was a sensitive story, but I believe it is better served elsewhere. This work of art creates its own story by its mere presence. It will not alter your state of consciousness, but if you approach the work, as several have, you will come to your own insightful and maybe even a bit meditative conclusion.

Goodbye: Snowy The Dog story. I know you will be back with an exciting conclusion. And it’s fair of me to say “stay tuned.”