I Love the Thought You’re Okay

I Love the Thought You're Ok - Rod Jones Artist

I Love the Thought You’re Okay – We nearly always receive some form of feedback from the effort we put into social media. Generally speaking, it’s pretty positive stuff. If we are kind in our comments, most often we reap positive ones in return. Hearts, claps, thumbs up, blowing kisses, stars and my personal favorite to entice— roses, fleur-de-lis, plus I like to add the flag of the country from where the comment originated.

Written comments build relationships. I can truly attest to that: “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.” Instagram, for me anyway, has been an international relationship builder. In my way of thinking, there is one serious problem; voice… The power of a phone chat. Technology has given us all the opportunity to speak with just about anyone anywhere on the planet. Easy to install apps on your phone like, WhatsApp Messenger, is one of my favorite tools to communicate with fellow creative’s around the world.

When you text someone— or gush with emoji’s, which is pretty damn common these days, so much is lost. There is nothing more beautiful and insightful then listening to the human voice. Our personalities come through loud and clear when we speak to one another. Simply put you become genuine.

I am always open to chat on the phone and share “Thoughts and ideas.” But I do this cautiously. I make sure that the person I engage with on the phone is real. If you are a woman and want to explore this strategy; I recommend that you use extreme caution, we all know there is a significant amount of crazies out there. Be safe!

What about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? I use all three. Facebook lets me keep in touch with family and friends, it has also allowed me to connect with people I graduated with from high school. Twitter actually helped me sell my first painting; “That was good.” LinkedIn is all business and it’s been very useful for me. After saying all that… my favorite social media platform is Instagram, there I have met some pretty cool people.

Why is Instagram magical— because of what I see and what I read. “I love the thought you’re okay.”