The Soaring 20’s

2020 Predicted Rod Jones Artist

2020: Creative or not? You will be something in 2020. There is little doubt in that. We each live a life full of opportunities: some we embrace, some we miss. What will be? What can be? What should be? Do we have a choice?

May I suggest— boldly in fact; we all make choices every day, I know I do, some are better than others. What can be: should be; start with the right choices. Your thoughts do not always have to be completely focused, sometimes random thoughts of good report are hidden seeds, full of blessings that ultimately grow and mature into noble ideas; ensuring the choices we make gives us the beautiful outcomes we deserve. 

There is something magical about the year 2020, it just sounds pretty cool, rolls off the tongue with great ease. After everyone, myself included gets past saying; “2020 is going to be my year, my lucky year.” Then we will all settle into our day-to-day living, our hopeful achievements will start to fade. Maybe this year with its powerful moniker, can be the year that delivers on the promise of being a majestic year of personal fulfillment.

Just about everything wonderful was created by someone with a creative imagination, they were not beholden to practicality. Think unencumbered creative thoughts, be not tiresome to yourself and others.

I can do this, you can do this, we can do this. We all have a crystal ball wired into our mind; but if yours is like mine, it needs some serious cleaning. 

2020 is a symbolic number which through the ages has been assigned many meanings. It symbolizes the cycles of completeness. It also symbolizes faith and trust.

For me the year 2020 is a perpetual rebirth of creative thoughts that invariably come unannounced, and most often in the middle of the night. These thoughts always ask more than I think I’m capable of achieving. This is the year I will be more attentive to those thoughts and give them the nourishment they need. And perhaps the visions that appear in my mind’s crystal ball will come to fruition.

Give it a try yourself— let’s see what we can manifest individually and collectively in this world so desperately in need of wholesome, creative and positive thinking.

The Soaring 20's Rod Jones Artist