Your Life’s Attitude

Undisclosed | Rod Jones Artist

Your Life’s Attitude: Beautifully beautiful and beautifully handsome. Perceptions of ourselves come and go with crazed vigor. When you’re up, down is just hiding around the corner, always on the ready to dampen your verve. Watch and ward. Time has no reality in this age of mental stresses. Continuance is the norm that we all shutter to except. The answer to this predicament can be summed up in one word; attitude.

“A life without an attitude is a charm

for the devil’s bracelet.”

Sluggishness of attitude: you’re not alone, I’m not alone, and we are not alone. Lethargic loafing, barrels its way through many of our attempts at maintaining a positive attitude. Supportive thinking is what’s needed from within and especially from without. There is no remedy, quite so effective as an onboard decluttering of all those complicated contemplations. A sweep-a-way mending, is the prescription for those irksome and tiresome thoughts. Give yourself a healthy dose of reflective meditation on all that is good in your life.

It’s all in your head: or at least most of it is; consciously or subconsciously it often seems there is no respite from the hurly-burly pandemonium, that keeps us in a state of un-quietness. When our mind idles peacefully, all is right with the world. But once it takes off… Well, hell has no fury like the un-quieted mind, it’s the Yen—, the antagonist that makes our lives unsteady and vulnerable to debilitating and un-trustworthy thinking, most often generated by influences we so often invite in.

“The demons in our subconscious are there

to agitate us into a peaceful reality.”

Your life’s attitude is the source of all well-founded creativity. It’s the truest— true of authenticity, veiled in originality. It’s neither sensible nor un-sensible, because creative thinking should never be restrained or hobbled. Creativity thrives best in a warm-blooded impassioned mind. The right attitude is the superheated forge to which we hammer and draw out our creative thoughts.

“Passion comforts the creative spirit,

like a new flame comforts the heart.”

The value of a contrary attitude. Yes; although we should bolster our best life’s attitude. Thoughts are things that don’t always betray us. The heart felt admonition for creative success can benefit from agitation, questioning our true agendas can anguish a positive attitude. but they do help us voice unguarded self revelations. A negative thought may have the nourished seeds that lead to the growth of our creative attitudes.

Attitudes are everywhere, and more often than not the best ones outperform the bad ones. We all have two attitudes, one is for the world to see in all of us contradictory glory. The other, well, it’s fickle and capricious, and resides in our daily thinking, and most often is hidden from others to view. It rarely shows us in a good light, and can make others feel uncomfortable, primarily because they themselves can relate. Vulnerability is overpowering when brought out into the open. We live best and we do best, when we put forth a positive attitude after all it is, Your Life’s Attitude.

“The attitude we share, by chance, is mental and optimistically inspirational, especially

when dwelling on our creativeness.”