You Live Inside Your Mind

You Live Inside Your Mind

You Live Inside Your Mind: Contrary to Marisol’s usual diffident attitude towards -life’s cares. She closed her computer and opened her mind. Unwittingly,she found herself in a state of pure self reliance. She; and she alone was facing an unforeseeable future. Marisol described it to herself out loud, boldly as if it were a verbal mantra, “I want to be more mindful, and not so carefree. I seem to be always living in a perpetual barren void of ideas and productive thoughts.”

After many years of life, Marisol decided, “If I continue the way I’m going, immersed in a computer driven techno world, I might as well become a robot and purge myself of all human thoughts and just function robotically through the rest of my days.” At first this seemed to be logical, because no one really ever knows what goes on inside the mind of someone who is seduced virtually every hour of every day by electronic devices. Humanness seems to ‘vacate the premises.’

Thoughts are things! And they are many different things, to many different people. Creative thoughts or better yet, thinking creatively may become more elusive by the mutterings of a technological society. But why quibble? Your life is yours to lament.

Marisol made a discovery that was triggered by the deliberate shutting down of her computer. The closing off of that persistent presence, her computer, along with other devices like her mobile phone was a purging of sorts. It caused what some people would describe as an epiphany, a manifestation, a realization, or perhaps the most revealing scene in her life.

Where do you go from here? We go to an open space that is like a beautiful garden, almost biblical in description. It’s filled with tempting fruits, glorious colors from every imaginable rainbow. The smell is indescribable, for it is capable of being enshrined in our life of memories. It is a place of freedom. Freedom from worry, freedom from societies physical and verbal assaults. It’s a garden of self discovery. No technology may ever enter this garden like an unwelcome serpent. It’s pristine and abundant in natural beauty.

Garden of Eden? The mind is capable of fantasies, that are way beyond any natural reality or phenomena. You can live inside or outside of your mind; it’s all about free will. The will to choose is a gift we most often abuse, or worse yet forget about. The garden may not be a reality to your way of thinking. But your way of thinking may be less than a reality and more of a refuge or asylum to retreat too, perhaps a hidden sanctuary.

You live inside your mind when you guard yourself against influences that shatter peace, tranquility, and self gratifying contentment. The techno devices are not at fault they may be culpable, by the mere fact they are created with the best of intentions by humans. And that in itself, is what we call an oxymoron.

Live inside your mind. The outside world can live without you for at least an hour a day. Discover what Marisol discovered when she shut down her computer. It gave her the opportunity to un-roboti-syzzed herself. She became overwhelmed with a sense of harmony, every cell in her body and every thought in her mind harmonized with her own spiritual universe.I wish I could be more like Marisol. Her self-discovery is a lesson that tells me you live inside your own mind, if you have a mind to do so.

“No two thoughts can occupy the same space, choose wisely.” Rod Jones Artist