Works in Progress

Rod Jones 8 Paintings in Studio Receptive Abstract Patternism

A rare occasion that garnered a happy snap of me.

The 8 paintings surrounding me are all works in progress. Normally i have 2 or 3, but this is a record for me. The bottom painting on the right is in its first stage, the canvas is painted with Old Holland Caput Mortuum (Violet Mars). The painting above it is grey with lots of texture and the yellow has been introduced. There will be several layers of paint yet to be applied. The painting over my right shoulder has a long way to go. I drew it out on the canvas and there is al least 9 more elements to be engaged. The purple painting behind me may be a paint over. It’s not turning out exactly the way I thought. To my right bottom is a painting that most likely will end up being called Tartan. It doesn’t have too much further to go. Bottom left, which started out as a viridian background and is waiting for multiple layers and elements to be added. This painting has been moved around my studio hoping that I will pay some attention. It needs some TLC. Upper left, when completed this painting will be a show stopper. I cant’ wait for it’s debut. It certainly is the more cerebral of the group and begs for the most attention, like a sibling among the rest.

I am an oil painter by choice and eve though I use mediums to speed up drying time, it still takes a certain amount of time before I can apply another layer. Which for me as an artist is great, it gives me time to think about what will appear next on the canvas.