Imaginary Tree

Imaginary Tree Rod Jones Artist

Imaginary Tree

Size: 36 x 48 x 1.5 in

Medium: Oil on Canvas


Description: I stand before you not in a shameful state of nakedness but most decidedly in full glory. As I shed my bark, needles and cones contributing to nature’s earth at my feet, there I start my contribution to generations to come, to keep the forest garden of Eden most abundant. I willingly bare my outward sheath as naked as I can be. From my glory I can see the mineral rich soil which nurtures my culture of root structures, which supplies spring growth.

Surrounding me and to the distance be a menacing sky, but I know from years past the winds, the rain and the snow all have their right to be…part of nature’s perpetual reveal.

The last greenery that lie at my root bed will soon join me and shed the radiant green color and give up to an anticipated new season. So my dear friend, who look at my stately nakedness; you can now see my formidable structure in all of its magnificent splendor. Stately and proud with the seasonal confidence that nature is… loves reality.