Vers Liber

Vers Liber Rod Jones Artist Vers Liber | oil on canvas | Rod Jones Artist

Vers Liber: Suppose for a moment, that all of your mindful thoughts were expressed in a prosey fashion. There was a rhythm to every mindful verse. Every vivid thought had an expressive lyricism. Creating a vivid language in your mind that provoked an emotional response. That way of thinking created a formal grace that was clearly seen by all those in your presence.

Poetry, like the universe, contains vibrations; some are pleasant to the ear others grating. We all are in a mental cognitive motion. Our thoughts are like free verse, repetitive in nature. The plasma of creativity can be deeply rooted in our villanelle. Our thinking runs two rhymes at once, creating competition to true inventiveness.

Move in and out of your thoughts. Be practical when practicality is the only option but be in a mental state of ‘Vers Liber’ when you need to be original and just. Unbounded creativity is the reward.

Poetry has a perpetual way of revealing to the reader reminiscences of vague thoughts that all of a sudden appear magical.


“Words couple themselves to fashion a thought that can change the course of humanity.”


Rod Jones artist-writer.