Thought Collector

Thought Collector Rod Jones Artist Thought Collector | oil on canvas | Rod Jones Artist

Thought Collector: Once upon a time there was a brain. In fact, there were hundreds of millions of brains. These brains were filled with thoughts, mostly useless and random thoughts. Occasionally one of these brains gave birth to an original thought. All the other brains that could tune into the brain with this original thought celebrated. Admittedly, most of the other brains did not know, let alone understand what an original thought was all about. They did not know how to place a value on such a thought.

Unbeknownst to all of the millions and millions of brains, there was a brain overseer. The brain overseer had a name. It was called The Thought Collector. The job of this potentate overlord was to act as the steward of all original thoughts. Needless to say, the thought collector was not terribly busy most of the time. The thought collector knew for a fact, that those hundreds of millions of brains when it came to original thinking, thoughts and ideas rarely, if ever, made it through the clutter and random thoughts those hundreds of millions of brains were constantly processing.

So what is a thought collector to do? Though, thought collecting should be fun and exciting, but not being able to collect meaningful thoughts, made life dull. One day, actually it was late one evening, the thought collector gave birth to an original idea, without the influence of any of the millions and millions of brains that muddled the thought collector.

Little or no processing was actually required. The thought collector knew better than to try and sift through the millions and millions of useless unproductive and sometimes downright crazy thinking that the thought collector virtually witnessed every second. Brilliantly, and perhaps somewhat arguably, the thought collectors original thought WAS actually brilliant. The strategy was to create social media. The thought collector knew that millions and millions of random thoughts and ideas could be shared through such a platform. And you know what? The thought collector was right. Virtually every microsecond, billions and billions of thoughts and ideas are shared through the thought collectors platform. And for the most part, much of them simply are uncontrollable ramblings. But there is some good news here. The thought collector started to discover that the billions and billions of posts actually started to reveal some profound thinking.

The thought collector derived great joy in seeing these interesting and often original thoughts and ideas so the thought collector is now living happily ever after.

“The origins of thought live in the factory of free will.”


Rod Jones artist writer