Universe of Discourse

Universe of Discourse Rod Jones Artist

Universe of Discourse: If you stare into this oil painting of mine for any length of time, you may discover the meaning behind the phrase “Universe of Discourse.” Many of the elements in an abstract work of art gives the viewer an opportunity to travel within their own mindscape. What does it all this mean? And why should you care?

All too often, you and I never fully appreciate the creative journeys our minds are capable of taking. Something always gets in the way. Most often, it’s our own self-talk. It’s very trendy to learn the powerful practice of meditation. Unfortunately, that form of contemplation only eases and relaxes our minds, which of course it’s not bad. We should all be so lucky to pull that one off. When it comes to long deep thinking about spiritual matters, shifting our thoughts into another dimension within our cerebral selves can have a significant impact on how we think creatively, how we see ourselves, and what truly is our relationship with the universe.

We are trapped by our earthly life. Think about it; your daily thoughts are primarily focused on what you read, hear and the challenges of surviving. All that stuff eats up some of the best parts of your mind and what could be a deeply rewarding connection. You were made and designed to surpass the mundane and commonplace. Maybe in life, you can’t achieve all of your goals, but inside your brain is a powerful connection to the universe. In there, nothing can stop you from gliding through space and time.

The painting “Universe of Discourse” was created to help you look deeper into the image. It has the hidden ability to be your guide. You may move into a different form of reality, one of contentedness where wishes are met. Your life is always composed of your thoughts.

When the clutter in our lives is moved out of our thinking, even if only briefly, you will discover a freshening, almost a cleansing of junk thinking. And there you can, although it may be briefly, discover the central core of peace and tranquility. It is your birthright and was freely given to you by the universe. Tap in, and start the journey. There is so much more to your essence than what you see, hear, feel, and touch. There is an inner sensory component within you. Let it guide you.

“Minute by minute, life holds its course. But every once in a while, you must push it aside and move into the attainment of un-tarnished thought.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer