Rod spoke first, “the magic is in the…” 

Rod Jones Artist

Rod spoke first, “the magic is in the…” 


“Area where I intended it to be.” 

“In my indomitable square brushstroke, yielding a destiny of cited creative outcomes, likened to the waggle of a team of fully loaded paintbrushes.”


Duplicating textureless shapes that live in the best-positioned form of a square. Yielding untenable communiqués that are confusing at best for the focused attention of the soulful viewer.


If you read the above, you just witnessed art speak in all of its verbosity. I had great pleasure in writing it. Got to exercise a vocabulary, especially along with my good friend and constant companion, Merriam-Webster. 


Everything about every form of creativity has its own nomenclature. Sometimes I think it’s designed to elevate a particular form of creativity beyond what it really represents. When it comes to writing, the two approaches are, make it simple and easy to understand or use expensive-sounding words. Highfalutin words have a nasty way of making people feel uncomfortable and, in some cases, not with it, or in the know. Alienated from being cool.


When it comes to writing about creativity, I promise to make it easily understood, unless I am overcome with a mischievous and uncontrollable garrulousness. Yes; I had to look up that word so that I would sound cool and, in the know as a writer.


Art; as in all creativity is in the mind of the creator and freely interpreted by the viewer. The viewer can use any combination of words they feel makes them better understand what the heck they’re looking at or listening to. Best way to describe it is; self-illumination. The process by which you see what you want to see and validate your thoughts and your ideas as to what is before you. Ultimately giving comfort.


“Now and then, the right word gives up its true meaning. Compromising the very reason for the word to exist in the first place.” Rod Jones Artist-writer