Thoughts on Manifestations

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Thoughts on Manifestations: What if everything you thought about came true? We all know that would not be good for a variety of reasons. Good thoughts, the wholesome ones are a welcome addition to our daily thoughts. The not-so-good thoughts, the destructive ones, can be debilitating and, in some cases, downright devastating.

Manifesting stuff into your life seems to be all the rage. Books, podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, and just about any way you can get information fed to you suggests you can have what you envision. It’s like you shift your brain to manifesting all the things you want. Submit your shopping list and voilà…It magically shows up in your life. Talk about karma. Is it really that easy? Apparently, millions of people practice it every day.

The truth revealed. Manifesting desired outcomes and material possessions actually do work to a degree. When you think about it, the opposite way of thinking is negative, and you hear people often say. “It will never happen for me. I just have bad luck.” Or you will hear people say. “When I make my millions, I will get that.” The problem with that last statement is, they have no plan of action to ever earn that million. My all-time favorite is when I hear other people describe how jealous or envious they are of others. That in itself sets the stage for a lack in your own life. Jealousy never accomplishes anything other than hate and distrust.

More truths on manifestations. Each day we all have literally thousands of thoughts that enter and leave our brains. Some are really good and productive and make us feel good inside. Others create insecurity and doubt. That way of thinking, unfortunately, brings on insecurities that can lead to short-term depression. Not good! Depression is never a solution to anything in our lives. Thoughts, or better yet manifestations, actually can replace negative thinking. Does it mean you’re going to get all the goodies you are envisioning? Most likely, the answer is no. But it certainly is better than the alternative. Those are negative thoughts because they will push away just about everything in your heart’s desire.

The popularity of manifestations. You think, therefore you are. That’s what makes you particularly human. It’s not always easy to think positive! Heck… there have been millions of books written on the topic and motivational speakers that tell you quite emphatically, I might add. “Think positively, and you can have and achieve all of your goals.” Cool right? Manifestations are a fancier use of thinking positive because you’re focusing your energy on what you want. You’re told to envision it in your mind. You’re told to cut out pictures in magazines of that new car you want and tape it to your bathroom mirror, so you see it while you’re brushing your teeth. You dedicate yellow pad after yellow pad writing out your manifestations. Eventually, they become part of your everyday thinking. Do they yield results? For some, the biggest benefit is it gets you away from negative thinking.

No one ever gained a meaningful life by always thinking negatively.

The key to all of this manifestation stuff is really quite simple. If you want something, tangible or intangible, work for it. Earn the money, educate yourself, improve your health, live in peace, and be generous in helping others achieve their goals, needs wants, and desires. Do not lie, cheat, or steal. That brings on negativity that will always work against you, and sooner or later, you will pay for your dishonesty. I’m not trying to suggest that any of you are doing this, but we all have temptations in life.

Manifestations are very personal, but it is possible to create manifestations for other people. More often than not, those types of manifestations start out with a two-word sentence. “I wish.” You can wish for others, and you can wish for yourself. Wishing is the shortcut to a full-blown manifestation. In your mind’s eye, you create a visible representation of something you want to attract. Hoping for the actualization of that something you are wishing for. Anyway, you look at it; rather you are hoping for something for yourself or others, the concept remains the same.

We all wish, for example, that our children grow up to be successful and happy in life. Can you create a manifestation for that? I really don’t know. I suppose if you take out your yellow pad and you repeatedly write down what you want for them, it becomes part of your subconscious mind. Maybe if you want them to have a beautiful home, you cut out pictures of a beautiful home and look at those pictures and say to yourself. Someday soon, my child will own a beautiful home. You can wish for that, or you can do a full-blown manifestation, giving it your all.

Thoughts on manifestations I believe travel from one person to another even though they’re not visibly recognized. Our subconscious minds pick up on those and record them. They are not always recognized in outward thoughts, but more of an inner feeling, almost a realization that there is destiny in the opportunity that is hidden within us. There seems to be something quite magical when we wish for good things to happen for others. You may not need to perform a full manifestation. The good thoughts you send out are like radio waves, and some people are acutely tuned into those signals, and they benefit from them. It’s a two-way transmitter. You send them out, and your receiver picks them up. The challenge for all of us is to keep your mind tuned properly and start with a wish to build a dream for yourself and others.

“I sent a wish into the universe for it to see, and it came back as a manifestation for me

to build a dream on.”


Rod Jones artist-writer