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Thoughts & Ideas Rod Jones Artist

Thoughts and Ideas:  My ideas escape my thoughts— in fact they hightail it out of my  consciousness, often leaving behind no trace of authenticity or originality: unless, and I do mean unless, a legion of muses surrounds my slumbering sleep, in a dream state body.  They seem to have a penchant for frolicking punctiliously. There’s plenty of them, and they don’t dilly-dally. These muses rustle my dream consciousness. Perchance, to steal my notions away. 

Early dawn— my mind is filled with questions??? What muddle my “thoughts and ideas;” those precious few. The dreaming gifts that are so essential, and desperately needed to survive another cherished creative day. “I’ve been robbed!” Not by force: but a gentle, subtle and sneakily conniving team of muses— did the deed!

On this day; the nightly dream muses’s were not charitable. Hours passed away— as I pushed my thoughts to generate ideas to no avail. Dozing in my chair, staring into nature… looking for the elusive. “Please come to me, just one;  just a smidgen, a crumb, a dram, a driblet, a hint; ok; just a spark of a glimmer— give me a creative idea, one I may explore in my conscience thoughts, to pursue this genuine innovational day.” 

On this night: I prepare my mind meditatively; I ask the forces of creative muses, you know who I am. In the past you have opened the spirit within my creative senses, “don’t abandon me, for another night, do not be bare my thoughts, give genuinely, provide a way to creative ideas that gladly surface at the dawning of a new day.”

Surely, I’m not alone in this nightly quest. We are both the subject and the object of creative thoughts and ideas. The nightly task is incontrovertible and always rife with doubt; paled only by life’s scars. 

If you are creative or not you may enjoy reading the rest of this story, especially if you have trouble sleeping. Click on the link in bio to read the entire story.

2:40am— Intune with my internal body clock. So often I am in tune with the universal clock that I mistakenly contribute to the creative muse. It’s not the witching hour associated with supernatural events, that only brings on insecurity and distrust.

At 3am— I become wide-awake. The nightly visitors I meditated for show their fickle kindness and amusements, but they’re not the muses of creativity, I used to think so. To the contrary; the universe is trying to make me manifest a purposeful imaginativeness. My tuner is without a dial; lost in the burdens of life’s perpetual ability to rob away all innocence of creativity. 

3:30am— I adjust the tuner with makeshift tools. Success at last, my realizations becomes fruitful. The universe circumvents the cognitive wiring in my head. Authentic originality floods into every nook and cranny of thought— giving way to profound ideas.

See that wasn’t so hard…now was it?  My self indulgence may benefit you to find the lost creativity in your spirit, at least I hope so.

Please comment on your road, or roads to your creative fulfillment and describe the muses you work with. People will enjoy reading your comments and we can learn from each other.