The Glow of Jazz in a Work of Art

The Glow of Jazz in a Work of Art: Music is the most fleeting of all art, but yet it can be the most deeply felt. Listening to music while painting can actually impact your brushstrokes, the more robust, the more flamboyant they become. Music in the background as you mix color can change the whole character of any work of art.

Jazz music in all of its variations and musician interpretations can make the painting process truly a wild ride. Anywhere from delusions of grandeur to deep feelings of melancholy.

How does this painting speak to you? Is it filled with a sense of syncopation? Maybe it’s just color doing all the work, drawing in the viewer. Take a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Play different types of music while you doodle and scribble on that paper. You will discover something very interesting about your own psychology when it comes to interpreting music and art. Your scribblings can become most revealing.

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“Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony thunder in the background, while the paint and brush strokes took on a magic of their own, interpreting subtleties to grandeur.”


Rod Jones artist