Creativity Depends on Risk

Creativity Depends on Risk: Risk in any form is a dicey proposition, it’s truly a snare trap for creative people. Stare at a blank sheet of paper that you placed in front of you. If you are an artist, stare at a blank canvas. You will quickly discover a certain amount of anxiety will become present in your thoughts. While you’re staring at the paper ask yourself, “who am I really?” Your first thoughts may be negative, as you struggle to honestly come up with the answers about who you really are. When thinking about yourself, there often seems to be a demon in our head more than happy to betray us. Creative people often have this demon joyfully mucking up the works.

To move yourself out of that thinking depends upon your self-confidence, when it comes to risking your negative side and moving it into positive thoughts and ideas. No one really wants to answer the question, “who am I really?” It requires a huge amount of self reflection, and I daresay honesty.

Creative people may have a distinct advantage. We often have delusions of grandeur. And that’s what keeps us going when we have self-doubt. Creativity depends heavily on risk. If you’re not afraid to take risks, and make literally huge amounts of mistakes, you most likely will never be the person that you think you are when it comes to expressing yourself creativity.

If you ask any successful person what got them to succeed. You will invariably hear them say, “I wasn’t afraid to take risks.” Creative people need to do the same. When I make a painting or even write something for that matter, I never think beyond what is taking place on my canvas. I never say to myself, “I hope someone likes this and will buy it.” I do have an ego, and yes, I like it when somebody compliments my writing or my art, but I never lay awake at night hoping and praying that someone will. For me I’m happy to take the risk and let the chips fall where they may.

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“I turned my back on my art, only to discover the risks I took revealed something better than

I could’ve imagined.”


Rod Jones artist