Sublime Signs of Expression

Sublime Signs of Expression: This painting wants to be a lofty expression of a thought waiting to be understood. Can you ever really understand a painting? Every piece of art is open to interpretation. The individual who takes the time to seriously look at and explore a work of art must rely on their own life experiences. Generally, it provides and defines the impressions and the impact it has on their emotions.

Artists often find it difficult to describe their own work. Abstract art is particularly difficult. It’s created without a preconceived notion of ultimately what might end up on the canvas.

The painting you are viewing here has a distinct beginning and an end. But what does that beginning truly represent? How many endings can you read into it? The colors are fashionably enticing. There is a significant group of crisscrosses that seem to suggest intersections with accents demanding their focus.

The green river abutment separates the north and south. But somehow manages to complete the reunion and proximity of the red and yellow intermingling.

There are countless numbers of ways to dissect the visual elements in a work of art. And quite frankly, it’s a lot of fun. You’re solving a visual puzzle with interpretations that have no boundaries. This work of mine is loaded with challenges. I invite you to spend a little time writing your own interpretive story of what you see.

“I find when color intermingles with random shapes, everything becomes a metaphysical

sublime sign of expression.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer