Silva Pluvia, (rain forest)

Silva Pluvia

Silva Pluvia, (rain forest)

“When God created nature; art was inevitable”

Rod Jones Artist

Perhaps one of the best examples of art and nature, is rendered on cave walls. These Paleolithic, parietal unaffected works of art clearly indicate mans visual relationship to nature. Thousands of years hence; man still renders nature, from Photorealism all the way to abstraction. Try as he or she may, “the results may vary”. When I thought about God, Nature and art, I knew the inevitability of the artistic nature of man, would tread into nature’s realm. Try as he, she may; the results did vary— greatly. It appears that abstract interpretations of nature can be most influential, by that I mean; the artist can not outperform nature after all it could be argued, “it’s, Mother Nature’s Nature”, but to some degree, you can fool her abstractly, taking nature’s designs and hopefully blessings, you can create in form a simile.

Some of the greatest art ever created is representational scenes of nature. Until the camera was invented the best interpretations of nature were found in great works of art, standing in the light of oohing and aahing to this very day.

Just to keep the art world interesting, enter modernism, where you can take the known and turn it into the unknown— abstractly. Artists often smear in little hints, a visual roadmap to let the viewer know this is me, reinventing nature from my own talented perspective. We all know abstract art caught on, love it or despise it, it ain’t going away.

Nature can be tumultuous and fitful, often leading to unmeasurable beauty, think sunset after the storm and all the paintings of weather. I live in a forested area with an ocean nearby, and to my delight, I can be in the deserts of the Southwest in a few short driving hours. Growing up and being surrounded by nature has had its influences, all grand. Nature; although I rarely admit it, does influence my art and Silva Pluvia happens to be one of those works. I care for the color green; colossally, if that’s measurable by nature’s standards, considering she has yielded many variations of green for us artist to try and mach.

“Art takes nature as its model.” ~ Aristotle.

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature” Claude Monet.