Oil Painting

Does the world need another written word or for that matter another painting? There once was a time when a group of well chosen words could alter the future. There have been paintings that lit the fire in men’s souls to act bravely.

Art and writing can make people feel more than they understand, that’s why they have often been used as a tool bring around change. In the agenda driven hands of the sinister, art and the written word can cajole or portend baleful thinking.

Art and writing is the most powerful, when used to elevate us all to positive outcomes. Music can also do the job, but the harmonics floating through the air to the ear evaporate. Art is visual, tangible and tactile; and writing, comes in a go with you anywhere book.

If you are the creator of art and writing, then create beauty, be of good report, elevate yourself and most importantly give the universe something to be proud of.

“Writing is the painting of The Voice”


Content; is all that—  No shortage of the good and the grotesque. Social media allows anyone and everyone to post their pictures and thoughts. The competition is keen, the seamier side of us humans seems to percolate to the top, garnering a disproportionate share of likes and comments. Maybe we have become a “Look at me, Look at me” Society. Or worse yet, please, please look at me…I create in my LINGERIE so you will like my “nothing to see here art” ok, that doesn’t happen a lot but often.

Artists and writers, myself included, need exposure and social media has been pretty good for that exposure. I personally have met some pretty incredible people, and for that I’m grateful but you have to channelize so as not to be the one posting muck just to get noticed. Be faithful to your art and writing, deliver your best, cream always surfaces to the top in all venues.