Origins Rod Jones Artist


Oil on Canvas

Art Always Has an Untold Story…

It may be impossible to know everything about a particular work of art. Try if you will, but no one can ever get into the brain of its creator. Nor should they be invading the most sacred source of the artists creative gifts. It’s not an over statement to suggest that, not all art is wonderful, it always comes down to “the eyes of the beholder.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing about art is the fact that the works themselves go way beyond their perceived original intention. Art is invariably judged on its visual merits, But that is short cited. There is so much more to a work of art, and I’m not just talking about the time it was painted or what the inspiration. To know the artist or better yet to meet and chat with he or she, can be revealing and maybe a bit riveting. But you will not get the full story. Few artists can serve up contextual insight. The spiritual side of art is hidden in the ether of literally many processes, both physical and the psychological. I would suggest that you question any work of art you find interesting, yes enjoy its beauty, it’s relatableness, It’s contrariness, it’s unsettledness and it’s overwhelming essence or it’s underwhelming essence. After all a work of art can never be created by AI. By its very nature it’s uniquely human and deserves to be more than a passing visual experience. Question art, dig as deep as you can.  I guarantee you will discover much about your own creative psyche.

Enigmatic abstract works of art that embody color and form which one sees in the artworks created by wife and fellow artists, Inci Jones Artist, are story rich, way beyond the cursory view that is so often the case by uninformed art lovers.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you lose the thrill of looking at art for its own sake, and I would be the last to suggest you need to pursue it’s unique story, but consider the nature of all artworks you encounter and it’s many revealing and often fascinating stories behind the art itself. The depth of its story can be had by just asking questions. Visit art museums… companion painting, “Origins” oil on canvas.

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Non-computerized and non-digitized work of art, constructed from thoughts divinely inspired, at least I hope so. An artist lives in fantasies held together by delusions of grandeur. The painting Origins is an inwardly and outwardly emotional birthing of a yet to be told story. One can imagine and feast on celestial bodies juxtapositioned in a stellar frontier, where time is warped into an incongruent banqueted buffet setting; the table for the art critics that are especially known for there verbosity. Don’t get me wrong when I say “art always has an untold story”  The aspirations of any work of art is to create a visual story that ultimately can be conveyed by an astute chronicler or easily interpreted by the casual viewer. Even the most abstract art can convey a hidden story generally conceived by the viewers own imagination and life experiences. Looking beyond the work of art as presented in all its two dimensional glory, You can question the meaning and value, but its self proclaimed story is ever present for all who forge a path to intellectualizing its meaning. For me I just bask in color and shapes questioning little, for I am the artist of “ Receptive Abstract Patternism.”