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Oil on Canvas

Paint to Canvas

When it comes time to lay paint to canvas my subconsciousness has little concern for my consciousness. Invariably, I  become an observer of my own art, “Who guides my brush it be not me” This may be decidedly offbeat to conventional creative thinking, but bear with me. I first became aware of this conscious and subconscious thing in my youthful daydreaming and my first adventures into creativity. I discovered that make-believe, although I did not know it at the time,  was the threshold to creativity. As children we can imagine just about anything and everything and than as we mature life’s inexplicablenesses crush our fanciful realities. Enter the word doubt… Shepherded in by well-meaning parents or opinionated advisors that were ready and willing to be the arbiters of right and wrong thinking. Unfortunately many of these advisers were  sent with a pitchfork provided by the devil himself. I know this sounds like a dramatization and perhaps it is to a degree. But as assuredly as a write, many among you will flashback your way to the evolutionary process of losing your childhood wonder in that precious space and time known as make-believe.

To be unaffected by uncontrollable outside influences, I found myself encouraging my subconscious mind to do all of the creative work. It’s amazing what can come through that channel. I know this all must sound terribly esoteric. But consider this, we all have read inspiring stories of notable inventors, composers,writers, philosophers and captains of industry that have had the proverbial a-ha or eureka moment. These were times when they admitted they were the most tuned out, and something magical happened to quote,  Friedrich Nietzsche “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” And I might add when taking a hot shower, a sure way to have a dopamine rush.

The inevitable question when being interviewed about my art is, what was or what is the inspiration for this piece? Because I dislike that question immensely and I can guarantee it’s being served up by an inexperienced interviewer or media writer.

I turn the query back on them, politely of course. What do you think could possibly be the inspiration for my particular style of painting? After much deliberation and a lot of hemming and hawing followed up by hawing and hemming. Would you like a hint?  I would ask somewhat abashedly and a little arrogantly, and their response “please”.

Well my friend, I let my subconscious mind deal with the inspirational components, it’s not terribly necessary for me to get stressed out and filled with anxiety when it comes to what shall I create today, especially when facing a blank canvas. Perplexity abounds when I pepper the conversation with the realities and inspirations that creativity can truly come from a higher source that’s equally channeled to all who take the time to tune in.

“Who guides my brush it be not me.” Rod

Social media has colonized what was once a sacred space occupied by emptiness: the space reserved for thought and creativity. Mahershala Ali